Welcome to the homepage of the Norwegian Forest Cats Cattery de Milot*NL.

My name is Joan de Mildt and I have a cattery in the middle of the Netherlands.

All my cats are foremost my dearly beloved and precious family members, living in my home. They’re free to go everywhere in the house and outside, through the catdoor, into the secured garden. Being an artist, I have my studio indoors, so I am in their presence for most of the time.

Every now and then I have kittens. They can only go to the best homes and the sweetest owners, who will be able to love and caress them and keep them their full happy life.

Due to its social character, a Norwegian Forest Cat is not suitable as a solitary cat.

I will only allow my kittens to go to indoor homes or homes with cat proofed gardens or cat runs, because these cats are fearless.

Since these cats are very close to nature I feed them raw, natural meat. The kittens are also weaned on natural food.

I hope I am able to help preserve the original old type of Norwegian Forest Cat.

Hopefully you will enjoy looking at my home page and please don’t hesitate to send me an E-mail if you have any questions!


Photos of our new Fylgja Litter have been added to the kittens page.

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